Ten Questions

Below are ten questions and responses from an assignment in Advanced Photo Techniques Digital class. 1.) Show a sample of your creative work. 2.) What “research” (doing/experimenting/learning/looking at/ reading) is currently most informing your practice? I tend to do a lot of my work by formulating ideas without research first.  I come up with as... Continue Reading →

Visual Response to Soth’s Prompt +

I was able to get 6 of Soth's treasure hunt items in the visual response.  Adding to the list one item of my own and modifying one which he listed. Airplanes Beetles Cashiers Dark corners Fungus Milk (modified) Sleeping children Tunnels Webs Yellow clothes Time (addition) Airplanes Dark corners Strawberry Milk (calcium, good for your... Continue Reading →

Response to Szarkowski’s essay, Eudora Welty, William Eggleston and The Democratic Forest

Szarkowski believes that photographs always have more meaning than one.  He believes if someone takes a picture, even accidentally, that it has subject matter which can have deep meaning.  Szarkowski believes, no matter what, all pictures are about photography.  I can agree with this from an artist standpoint in knowing that photography is a form. ... Continue Reading →

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