Ten Questions

Below are ten questions and responses from an assignment in Advanced Photo Techniques Digital class.

1.) Show a sample of your creative work.

2.) What “research” (doing/experimenting/learning/looking at/ reading) is currently most informing your practice?

I tend to do a lot of my work by formulating ideas without research first.  I come up with as many ideas as I can before research in hopes of having more original thoughts.  It seems that research before emptying my brain of ideas can taint my originality.  Sadly, most ideas have already been done in someway.  After that I go to the following places to help build on an idea or gain insight on techniques which may work towards a more attractive outcome or even change the overall idea.

Flipbook photography magazines/ Popular Photography, Adorama, Shutterbug, P1XELS, PetaPixel, Amateur Photographer, LensCulture, The Phoblographer Magazine. I also look and participate in the web sites, viewbug, and flickr.  I mostly take pictures and find out where I went wrong then figure out how to fix the issue either by taking more photographs or through use of search engines. Taking photography classes at Washburn University is another way I am learning more..

TV series introductions inspire some of my experimenting.  Introductions to shows like, American Horror Story, The 100, The Walking Dead, and Mindhunter, get my gears turning and thinking of ideas.  The darkness in these introductions are not what get me going, the presentation, use of light, fast clips, and textures are what influence me.

3.) Which photograph are you obsessed with right now and why?

The last image I found myself staring at once and awhile was a photograph I created earlier in the year.  I found myself looking at this photograph because I could picture different scenes and story-lines within.  This photograph makes me happy, and proud.

John Claybrook; Harsh Times; Photography ; 2017; 17 x 12in

4.) What YouTube video can you not stop watching?

I don’t have any videos that I watch continually.  I did find this video entertaining.

Teddy Has An Operation

5.) Give 5 links to things you think we should know about.

What I learned from 100 days of rejection.


Image Quality | The Perfect Exposure / Perfection in photography


The link between depression and creativity, and how it can be good for you


Guided Imagery: What is Imagery, and How Does it Work?


Building a brand.. Where do I start?!



6.) How many photographs do you have on your phone right now? Share one… and feel free to give us some context if you feel like it.

263 photos. A search that was intended to find a tent that had low moisture absorption (won’t get your head wet when your face slides against the inside of the tent wall, was somewhat the search).  I had marked out all of the information and named it Head Tent.


7.) Picture of your desk/workspace.


8.) What is the most Coveted book you own and why?

SAS Survival Handbook. People want to know how to survive in the wilderness or during a disaster.  This book contains information for any climate in any situation. Food, strategy, camp craft, reading signs/maps, weather, direction finding, animal tracks, medical.


9.) What concerns you?

My future, replacing a social life with all work/ regressing back to being a hermit. 2018 budget proposal cuts to the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency which will affect national parks, land acquisition (protecting from development of business and residential in park borders), pollution reduction plans for restoring clean water, air, wildlife habitat, and historic protections.

10.) What makes you happy?

Insight and clarity about life situations and how we mentally work, energy from good sleep, campfires, movies, comedy radio, capturing visually satisfying forms in photography, chicken or shrimp fettuccine alfredo. Visiting new places and being unknown/a stranger.

Final Project:

#1.) Patterns and/or angles that are visually pleasing using viewpoints and not physically moving the objects.  Mostly using structures, framing, railing, shadows, light, corners, stairs, leading lines, balance, shapes, there are many open possibilities, (geometrical architecture). Both normal and macro photography could be included.

Here are a few samples I have for this idea so far:


#2.) Daydreaming: Macro pictures of words in a book. A word will be focused on while others are blurred out for the image on the left. The image on the right will have the subject of that word pictured.  This is expressing the issues I have with daydreaming while reading.  The image on the left may also have a black vignette representing the focus I have on the words. The image on the right may have a white vignette to express the daydreaming.  The photo on the right will also have the clarity turned down for a softer dreamy look. A soft calm atmosphere vs the dark, sharp, unpleasant feeling from reading material found uninteresting.

I have already come across questions and problems while trying to create a sample of this idea. Creating a vignetting for both photos in camera raw has become the main issue. The white vignette was not showing up so well on the image because the subject matter was already bright. Using another method for adding in the white vignette makes the white a bit overpowering.  This makes the picture look nothing like I had pictured in my mind, it looks cheap, and ugly.  Because of this, I may scrap the white vignette idea, the dark may have to go as well considering the white is not working as I had wished.  The dark vignette did not have much of an issue so I question keeping it and leaving the daydreaming as a normal soft photo.


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