Home, community, and family. Frazier, Sultan.

Artists Latoya Ruby Frazier and Larry Sultan, both express their art with a meaning behind it.  Although both artists are using family for their project, they have different meanings either for a cause or a personal reminder.  Frazier includes herself in the family photos along with buildings from Braddock, the town she grew up in. ... Continue Reading →

Renewal of Understanding – An artist statement by John Claybrook

Released into a world, a mass of land stretching far beyond the eyesight of a newborn. You cannot see what is not in front of you; perhaps this near-sighted vision is not a barrier for the young.  Instead an ability to help adhere one to the senses of their surroundings.  With this, I hand you... Continue Reading →

Response to Szarkowski’s essay, Eudora Welty, William Eggleston and The Democratic Forest

Szarkowski believes that photographs always have more meaning than one.  He believes if someone takes a picture, even accidentally, that it has subject matter which can have deep meaning.  Szarkowski believes, no matter what, all pictures are about photography.  I can agree with this from an artist standpoint in knowing that photography is a form. ... Continue Reading →

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